About Us


Helmed by Jefery Kurniadidjaja and Nathan Yong (Ex–founder of Air Division & recipient of Singapore President’s Design Award, Designer of the Year 2008), Grafunkt strives to deliver contemporary designs that combine creativity, functionality and quality in a retail environment that challenges, teases and inspires. What sets us apart? We do what we like, and that’s the difference.


Grafunkt is a forward thinking lifestyle brand that aims to promote good design appreciation through the products we carry.


We believe that life is better appreciated when we are surrounded with well thought objects. Objects that serve well with their functionality, inspire us with their beauty and dazzle us with their creativity. Through GRAFUNKT communication channels, we converse, educate and enlighten like–minded individuals, sharing our values so that together, we can live better.


Our selection of products is stringent and discerning. We choose labels that align well with Grafunkt’s philosophy, sourcing widely from design hubs such as Milan, London, Copenhagen and USA, to the far corners of Europe from places like Slovenia and Czech Republic. We go the extra mile by creating and producing value products through our own label GFNKT, partnering closely with designers under our VS/VS programme as well as niche producers.


Since our inception in 2009, we have grown from a humble 400sqft store in a single location, to a total of 16,000sqft of space for our flagship stores over at Millenia Walk. Our growth is a reflection of a shared belief with our customers. Good Design = Good Thinking = Good Living